Tuesday, January 18, 2011

New song released: Bernadette

New Bumblefoot song release

 Guns N' Roses guitarist Ron 'Bumblefoot' Thal has released the first of a series of singles, a punky guitar-virtuosic cover of the Four Tops' 1967 Motown hit "Bernadette."  The song was recorded in the weeks surrounding Ron's first tour with GNR as their new guitarist in 2006.

The song is available in MP3 (320kps), AAC, and higher-quality formats FLAC, MP3 HD, Apple Lossless and WAV. An instrumental version of the song is also available in these formats.

For guitarists, a "Player Pack" includes a 12-page transcription of the entire lead guitar track (PDF file), accompanied by a 'Backing Track' version of the song (in both MP3 and WAV formats) with everything except the lead/solo guitar parts, so you can play along.

And for the studio-savvy, a "Producer Pack" of mix “stems” - six separate files of drums, bass, rhythm guitar, lead guitar, vocals and backing vocals that you can load into your multi-track software and play with levels, edit, and make your own mixes.