Monday, June 30, 2008 "Bumblefoot Week"

Day 1: "Green"

Day 2: "Glad To Be Here"

Day 3: "Redeye"

Day 4: "The Day After" and"Dash"

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In Greek:

English translation:
Big rainstorm today - flooding, hail... I get home and there's two guys taking apart the sewer in front of my house. A kitten, not much bigger than my hand, got swept up in the flooding right into the sewer, and was gonna drown. Got her out, she was ice cold, covered in dirt, shaking... took her inside, cleaned her up with warm water and cat shampoo, flea treatment, a can of kitten food - little thing was pretty hungry. Kept her wrapped in a blanket and held her 'til she warmed up, an hour or two. Neighbor's taking her 'til she has a permanent home. Very sweet, gave my chin a well-needed cleaning. Big blue eyes, part Siamese - nicknamed her "Toe". Jen took a pic of her...