Thursday, May 13, 2010

4 years.....

It was 4 years ago from last night that I played my first gig with GNR. Since then we played about 40 countries, released Chinese Democracy, and weathered many storms (literally). ***THANK YOU*** to all the GNR fans for an amazing 4 years. :)

And on the Bumblefoot front, my 'Abnormal' CD was released, 'Barefoot' CD was released, Q*Ball's 'Serious Business' CD was released (I played guitar on it, recorded, mixed & mastered it), Return To Earth's 'Captains Of Industry' debut CD was released (mixed & mastered it), lots of new merch (shirts, photos, mini-guitars, keychains, picks, straps, stickers, buttons...), meet-n-greets, local shows & festivals, radio airplay, TV appearances, magazine covers... and got much more on the way, coming soon - stay tuned!!